Steel Sinks & Toolboxes

P.E. Rail & Son’s Stainless Steel Sinks and Toolbox in Ottawa

P.E. Rail & Son has had the opportunity to design for a variety of customers. From hospital sinks to hot dog carts, we’ve built products for interiors and exteriors, industries and embassies, and many more. These products can fit into both rugged use and residential comfort. We have built our business upon a clear focus on quality and precision.

From Tool Boxes to Time Capsules

We’ve engineered just about everything, from stainless steel heated cabinets, to stainless steel tool boxes, and even a stainless steel bar with a foot rest. We at P.E. Rail & Son are particularly proud of the stainless steel time capsule commissioned by the Parliament. This box will be opened in the year 2100, and shall remain a testament to our uncompromising commitment to quality. Now, what can we build for you?