Stainless Steel Handrails

P.E. Rail & Son’s Stainless Steel Handrails in Ottawa

P.E. Rail & Son are proud to have some of our most distinctive work installed in local embassies and offices. Here are a couple of the finest examples you can find within the city:

Portuguese Embassy

We created a special handrail for the Portuguese Embassy in Ottawa. This structure includes a stainless steel flat bar and aircraft cables. We also crafted the steel sculpture that stands at the entrance of the Malawian embassy. Both of these creations are sturdy and functional, while adding a subtle, contemporary gloss to the décor of these esteemed diplomatic establishments.


Mitel is one of Canada’s largest telecommunications companies, with their headquarters based in the heart of the Kanata suburb. At both Mitel lobby entrances, you will find our unique stainless steel handrails. These are complete with stainless steel stringers and mezzanine floor boxes for both decorative and functional purposes. We were honoured to provide this unique creation for such a tremendous hometown business.