Stainless Steel Hoods

P.E. Rail & Son’s Stainless Steel Hoods in Ottawa

P.E. Rail & Son produces exhaust hoods for our customers in both industrial and commercial markets. All of our exhaust hood models feature a stainless steel back wall and are designed with safety and dependability kept in mind at all times.

P.E. Rail & Son has designed and created hoods that service both architectural and functional fixture purposes. Our decorative hammered-copper exhaust hood has a stainless steel interior that ensures both durability and easily maintenance. This hood’s unique exterior makes it appropriate for many kinds of highly visible, high-end applications. Both models of exhaust hoods are Underwriters Laboratories Canada (ULC) approved. Would you expect P.E. Rail & Son to have it any other way?

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BBQs are not the only culinary application we can assist with. We also help customize mobile kitchens and food trucks. If you want any personalized products, give us a call!